Tips to Help You Prepare For International Travel

1. Check with the State Department to make sure your destination is safe for American citizens.2. You purchase your ticket. Usually airfare and hotel together is cheaper than getting airfare and accommodations separately.Of course, if you use a consolidator to get a better airfare, you would certainly want to consider this option. Sometimes you can save $500 or more just by purchasing your ticket through an online consolidator.3. Next, you want to purchase travel insurance. Regardless if the trip is to Canada, Mexico or the Caribbean, you still want to purchase travel insurance which will cover your expenses should there be events which would prevent you from traveling.Purchasing travel insurance for cruises is also a good idea. Between the weather and sudden political upsets, you can never really be sure if your International destination will be safe during your travel dates.Example: The upset in Egypt, could not have been predicated and caused financial loss for both travelers and travel suppliers.4. Purchase lightweight luggage with a travel lock.5. You can find travel coordinate (clothing) which can fit into one small piece of luggage and provide you with 7 to 12 different outfits. One, skirt, one matching jacket, blouse, shorts, long skirt, lightweight jacket, etc. All with matching colors, to create different coordinates.6. Stop the newspaper and the mail. The entire neighborhood doesn’t need to know you are away.7. Purchase an electrical timer. Set timer to turn on around 7:00 PM each night. If possible, leave the car parked in your driveway. Catch a shuttle to the airport. And please, remind your children NOT to post the families travel plans online!8. Learn the currency exchange rate.9. If traveling alone, carry the email address of friends and instruct them to expect to hear from you each day that you are away. Also plan what should happen if you don’t check in.10. Carry ALL prescription drugs in the original medicine bottle. Place these items in your purse. If you are male, get a man bag, or a bag which goes around your waist. Do NOT put important medicine in your luggage, unless it is liquid and you have no choice.11. Be aware of your surroundings at all times. If you are a female and traveling to a Muslim country, wear a scarf over your head to avoid bring attention to yourself, especially, if you are traveling alone.12. Always be aware of your surroundings. If your environment looks or feels funny, don’t argue with yourself, make haste to change your environment.

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